Olivia De Berardinis “Sticky Buns”


Olivia De Berardinis (American, born 1948) Signed.
Sticky buns , 1990
airbrush and gouache on paper laid on board
Size: 100 x 68 cm. (39.4 x 26.8 in.)
Comes custom framed.

Olivia De Berardinis (born November 1948), known worldwide simply as Olivia, is an American artist who is famous for her paintings of women, often referred to as pinup or cheesecake art. She has been working in this genre since the mid-1970s, becoming a contributor to Playboy in 1985. By June 2004, she was given her own monthly pinup page for the magazine that continued for many years, often appearing with captions written by Hugh Hefner.


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