Herakut “Hello Kitty”


Artist: Herakut
Title: I Know How, Just Not Why
Medium: Hand Embellished Giclee Print
Size: 23.5 x 30 Inches
Edition: 50 comes custom framed.
HERA + AKUT=HERAKUT. An artist duo from Germany

One look and you’ll agree that there is much power and beauty to be found in Herakut’s works of art.

Albeit dark in nature, the imagery found in Herakut’s works is striking, conveying a myriad of emotions through the main focus of their works: the eyes. It is this emphasis on a darker color palette that serves as a background to their murals while adding a vibrant energy to these specific elements chosen to be emphasized in their creations. In contrast to their more recognizable works, Herakut has also delved into the more strict black and white color palette. Nevertheless, the combination of more modern elements with their customary conventional techniques allows the two-person German street artist team to bring to life every single character portrayed in their art at a more relatable level in today’s art scene.

Additionally, the incorporation of poignant messages in their works creates a sense of wonder when observing their art. Specifically, their words take you into what seems to be the childlike, pure essence behind Herakut while delivering a punch to the imagery they provide. What’s more, there is a repetitive theme of both animal imagery and human subjects found in each piece. These images transport us back to our adolescence, a time where innocent imaginary friends were an embraced accompaniment to our creative minds. Yet, one can’t help but notice the darker aspect of these childhood elements. Specifically, the animals are given somewhat distorted, exaggerated features when alongside their human counterparts. With additional repetitive themes such as children cloaking themselves in different animal skins, you get a sense that Herakut appreciates the beauty of being able to take yourself to another world as a child while believing in the power of imagination and the human spirit.

Herakut specializes in street murals. Most of their works are commissioned, both in and outside of galleries.


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